Specialised Online Strength Programs

If you want to take your gym experience to the next level and crush your training goals in 2022, consider jumping on one of our online gym programs. Each program is tailored to a goal, every exercise has a video tutorial, and you can reach out to Alex to answer your training questions. Each month is just $54 for students and $60 for everyone else and you’ll get 3-5 sessions a week delivered through our online training app. Below are our current programs on offer.
💥The Strength Program
This program is for those seeking functional strength that incorporates barbells, dumbbells & body weight exercises to build well-rounded whole-body strength. This plan includes 3-4 sessions a week.
💥Muscle Gainer
This program is for those wanting to add muscle to their physique with a well-structured program designed around consistent muscle gain and staying injury free. Your choice of 3-5 sessions a week.
💥The Active Program
This program is for those wanting to build well-rounded fitness and be ready for anything. The program incorporates barbells, dumbbells, body weight and cardio machines to train strength, endurance and everything in between. This plan includes 3 sessions a week.
💥The Athlete Program
This program is for the competitive athlete who is looking to gain an edge over their competition. The aim is to get stronger, faster and be unbreakable! This plan includes 3 sessions a week.
Outside of these programming we do individual plans tailored to your specific needs but the price of these vary on the Trainer/Coach you’d like to work with. Let us know if you’d like more information.
Simply email alex.hoskin@flinders.edu.au for more information or to get involved!