Requirements for gym use

Please note the following information as a requirement for your use of FUSF. We are aiming to ensure that we will remain open safely, and with the least possible interruptions now that SA borders have re-opened.
It is with this in mind, that we ask the following things are strictly adhered to:
👉Masks are required at all times, and may only be removed DURING exercise.
👉QR code scan in is completed on your arrival (or manual sign in).
👉1.5m physical distancing is adhered to at all times.
These 3 items are key in ensuring you remain safe, and we remain open. We are grateful for your assistance in ensuring they occur.
These items are mandatory for your participation as per SA Government requirements.
We are hopeful that remaining open will ensure your health, mental well-being and physical fitness are maintained throughout, which we will strive to achieve.